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Mediationpic20Zoomwomanmandonscreenintie-300x200Ending a marriage is never easy. It’s not just the emotional turmoil that makes the process difficult to manage. You also have to handle everything from negotiating outcomes with your soon-to-be-ex partner, to presenting agreements and requests to the courts if litigation is the chosen process.

As a family law and matrimonial attorney, I have been through the litigation process many times and still offer residents of Brookyln (Kings County) the guidance and support they need to navigate the litigation process if they choose to take their case to court. However, I often find that divorce mediation offers a less stressful, and more streamlined approach to dispute resolution for many New York-based couples.  Nowadays we are doing divorce mediation by Zoom or in person making our services convenient for people wherever they are situated.  There is no longer the need to travel to see this divorce mediator. Continue reading ›


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Divorce can be a complex and emotionally exhausting experience for any couple. Even if two people decide mutually to end their marriage, there are various challenges to overcome before each party can move on with their separate lives. One effective way to minimize the stress and complications of a divorce, is to consider mediation – a collaborative method for dispute resolution.

Divorce mediators like me, Mr. Darren M. Shapiro, can support parties throughout regions of Long Island and New York to help people address everything from equitable distribution to child support issues. For residents of Manhattan, a reliable divorce mediator can offer an excellent combination of support, guidance, and insight, tailored to suit your specific needs. Continue reading ›

Mediationpic12lawyersmanglassesblondewoman-300x200Marriage is more than just a commitment, it’s a legal contract, tying your life and assets with that of another person. Unfortunately, this means if you decide to split ways with your partner, there are sometimes complications in navigating how to unravel the threads you’ve joined together in matrimony.

For many, the simplest, and most painless approach, involves working with a divorce mediator, to come to important legal agreements with your soon to be ex. The right New York divorce mediator can be an incredible resource in a difficult time, offering expertise, guidance, and direction when you need it most. From my office in Nassau County, I aim to offer the specialized service residents across New York need to navigate their divorce with relative ease.

For decades, I’ve dedicated my practice to serving the citizens of Long Island and the New York City area, from couples in Brooklyn (Kings County), to Manhattan, Queens County, Bronx County, and Staten Island (Richmond County). Continue reading ›

Mediationpic20Zoomwomanmandonscreenintie-300x200Divorce is never a simple process, no matter how amicable you and your partner’s decision to end a marriage might be. It’s crucial to ensure you have the right guidance and support during this journey, which is where a divorce mediator that services Queens County residents steps in.

From my office in Nassau County, I strive to offer both a personalized and professional level of service to every client. Here are some of the reasons you may consider working with my office when navigating your Queens County divorce mediation.

Flexible Mediation Options

In today’s world, flexibility is crucial. While I continue to offer in-person mediation sessions from a comfortable location in Jericho, New York, I also provide virtual mediation options, usually by Zoom, for those who want to avoid a commute, or have complex schedules to navigate.

We cater to the needs of people from around the region, whether you’re located in Queens County, New York City, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. If you prefer to access mediation using online tools, like Zoom, we can accommodate your needs thus making services available for people all around New York State.  We can mediate by Zoom and e-file documents with the court. Alternatively, you can choose to book a session within our convenient conference room at any time that suits you. Continue reading ›

Young-Couple-300x200Navigating Divorce Mediation: A Comprehensive Guide from a Nassau County Divorce Mediator

Divorce is often synonymous with emotional turmoil and complexity. Whether it’s dividing assets, managing debts, or determining custody arrangements, the process can be overwhelming. But there’s an alternative way that can help to mitigate the stress, preserve relationships, and ensure a fair resolution – divorce mediation.

As an experienced Nassau County divorce mediator and litigator operating in Nassau County, and offering remote services via Zoom and e-filing for clients on Long Island, New York City, and throughout New York state, my mission is to make the divorce process as smooth and emotionally manageable as possible.

Why Consider Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a strategy that emphasizes dialogue, cooperation, and mutual understanding. Unlike litigation, which often spirals into an emotionally draining, adversarial battle, mediation offers a more serene environment. The key difference lies in the control it gives to the involved parties. In mediation, you are not surrendering your decisions to the court; instead, you are actively involved in shaping the outcomes. Continue reading ›

Skypepic-300x200In the dynamic landscapes of both personal relationships and technological progress, we continue to adapt and evolve our services to better meet the needs of our clients. For those residing anywhere in New York State, from the bustling energy of New York City to the tranquility of upstate regions and the coastal charm of Long Island, I am proud to extend my established divorce mediation services online via Zoom.  For those who wish to come to my office in Jericho, they are always welcome.  However, by Zoom, this modern approach offers a more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional courtroom battles, enabling couples to navigate their separation process with convenience and dignity.

Divorce mediation, as an alternative to the contentious terrain of legal litigation, provides separating couples with a platform to negotiate their futures. By choosing this path, parties maintain control over their unique processes and outcomes, significantly reducing their reliance on the often unpredictable court system. This method typically saves time, emotional strain, and expense compared to traditional litigation, offering an appealing option for many. Continue reading ›

Swearing-In-300x211Even in situations where relationships end amicably, a divorce can be tricky to navigate. Marriage is more than just a word or a piece of paper, it’s a legal contract which binds the lives of two people together in a variety of different ways. During a divorce, attorneys, the parties involve, and the courts need to find a way to untangle the binds of a marriage, in a way that’s fair and just.

While some couples are able to reach agreements on things like equitable distribution and spousal maintenance through mediation sessions, many other cases end up in a court room. In most cases, a professional divorce attorney will utilize a number of tactics and tools to present the argument of their client in the best possible light to the judge in question.

One of the core tactics involved in many divorce proceedings, involves crafting a succinct, informative, and engaging opening statement. This statement both introduces the court to the case, and provides context into the requests being made by a specific party. Continue reading ›

Negotiationpic-300x207Child custody cases are some of the most complex and emotional in the world of family law. In order to pursue the “best interests” of the child or children involved, parents can consider a range of options. Some will consider working things out through mediation or negotiation, others may believe litigation is the most effective strategy for their needs.

In all instances, accessing the support of an experienced family lawyer is always recommended. Even in mediation, having your own consulting attorney can be a crucial part of ensuring you achieve the right outcomes in your case. However, it’s particularly important to have the right guidance if your case makes its way in front of a judge and testimony is being heard.

Divorce attorneys and child custody lawyers have the ability to use a range of methods to demonstrate their client is capable of supporting the best interests of their children. Often, this means using cross-examination and direct examination at the right moments throughout the trial.

So, what happens in cases wherein an individual may choose to represent themselves? Continue reading ›

Caucus-Session-300x200Legal matters are complex in virtually every aspect of law. It is preferred to deal with a legal professional that has had years of training, experience and education to prepare them for your case. In the family law space, which governs cases surrounding divorce, child custody, child support, family offenses and other issues, legal professionals are also an important tool in separating yourself from the case emotionally, so you don’t make rash, dangerous decisions.

The complexity and emotional elements of family law mean most will advise against representing yourself in a separation or divorce case. Working with a family law attorney will give you access to important guidance, experience, and support when you need it most.

Most people will either hire a lawyer themselves, or have an attorney assigned to them in a case where a fundamental right such as freedom, parenting time, or custody is at stake. However, there may be other options available for those who simply can’t access professional counsel in a situation where the finances are not there to hire an up-front representative or to have a lawyer assigned to represent them. Continue reading ›

Negotiationpic-300x207Legal experts like family lawyers and divorce attorneys can offer today’s clients a lot more than just assistance with litigation. While one of the most common ways to work with a lawyer is to hire them to help fight your case in court, it’s also possible to explore alternative ways to benefit from the insight and expertise an attorney can give.

For instance, legal professionals can act as a consultant for people attempting to generate the best possible outcomes from a separation agreement or divorce case. If an individual decides to pursue mediation as a tool for planning a separation agreement, they can avoid some of the complexities and emotional hardships associated with litigation.

However, a mediator is an objective party, unable to give direct guidance or advice on how a specific party can serve their own interests in a case. As such, clients are usually advised to seek out support from a review attorney during the mediation. The review attorney can provide legal advice and support to the client, without necessarily taking on the role of litigator. Continue reading ›

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