Staten Island (Richmond County) Virtual Divorce Mediation or In-Person

Couple-Home-300x200When it comes to dealing with something as complex as divorce, most couples want to seek out a process that’s as quick, painless, and convenient as possible. With virtual and in-person divorce mediation, residents of Staten Island (Richmond County) have an excellent alternative to the stressful experience of litigation.

Although some cases will require litigation, I’ve found many couples have been able to successfully negotiate the terms of their divorce with the support of the right mediator. In fact, mediation has been so successful that the courts of New York have even implemented presumptive divorce mediation, requiring many individuals to at least explore the potential of mediation for civil disputes.

As a local resident of New York, myself, with a home in Suffolk County, and an office in Nassau County, I attempt to ensure every couple can experience the benefits of divorce mediation in a way that’s comfortable for them. Here’s why residents of Staten Island choose me as their digital divorce mediator.

A Comprehensive Knowledge of Staten Island

My office in Nassau County can be around an hour’s drive from Staten Island (Richmond County), given the right conditions, in New York City, making it a convenient option for many couples in the region. Because of this, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to not only assist the local residents of the county, but also explore the borough myself.

Staten Island, or Richmond County is situated on the southern tip of New York City. Though it’s the least populated New York City borough, it’s also one of the most interesting locations in the region. One of the original 12 counties of New York state, Richmond County is often referred to as the “borough of parks”, thanks to more than 12,300 acres of parkland.

During my time as an attorney, I’ve spent time within the court rooms of Richmond County, representing my clients in both the family courts, and the Supreme court of the region. I’ve encountered individuals from all walks of life and helped them to fight for their best interests in a range of cases. Additionally, I’ve served as an objective, friendly and trained mediator for many other couples.

My experience in both the areas of mediation and litigation, combined with my knowledge as a local of the New York City region has made me a useful resource for couples in search of a convenient resolution to their divorce issues for a number of years.  Now, since I have been doing divorce mediation over Zoom, it is more convenient than ever for me to work with couples around the entire state of New York.

An Advocate for The Mediation Process

Divorce Mediators in New York can enter their roles from a variety of different backgrounds. Some have years of experience in the psychological landscape, while others have professional experience in the business world. I myself discovered the potential of mediation while working as a divorce attorney.

Initially, I was admitted to the State Bar of New York in 1999 and spent a number of years working with various firms in the region. Eventually, I found my passion for family law, working for the Assigned Panel of Suffolk County. It was this experience that prompted me to open my own family law office in Nassau County, close to my own home.

Over time, the experience I had working with individuals litigating throughout New York showed me the potential alternative dispute resolution methods had for couples struggling to navigate litigation. I was inspired to pursue additional training as a divorce mediator and started offering mediation services during 2012.

Today, my combined experience as an attorney and a mediator ensures I can offer my clients a flexible choice when it comes to addressing the complexities of divorce. My office has helped many couples discover just how valuable, straightforward, and stress-free the mediation process can be.

Flexible In Person and Virtual Mediation

Every couple is unique, with specific concerns, and priorities to address throughout the divorce process. That’s why I believe it’s so important to offer every client a flexible approach to divorce. This starts with ensuring everyone has the option to choose between divorce mediation and litigation. However, it also means ensuring mediation is as accessible as possible.

During the pandemic, I recognized the clear need for many couples to access mediator support from the comfort of their own home, as social distancing rules were implemented. Now, I continue to offer virtual divorce mediation sessions, through channels like Zoom, to ensure couples don’t need to worry about travelling to my office if they prefer to manage mediation at home.

Additionally, I believe in tailoring every mediation experience to the specific needs of the couples I serve. This means often using a multitude of different techniques to suit my clients. For instance, as an experienced attorney, I can use evaluative mediation strategies to help individuals see both the strengths and weaknesses in their cases, from the perspective of the New York courts.

Additionally, I can act as an objective guide for my clients, using interest-based negotiation techniques to highlight the specific priorities of each client. In some cases, I will also use facilitative mediation methods like open-ended questioning, to help clients get to the heart of their issues.

Divorce Mediation Services in Richmond County

For residents in Richmond County (Staten Island), my office delivers a convenient alternative to the standard litigation procedure for divorce cases. I have helped countless couples from this region, as well as couples throughout the entire of New York City to navigate divorce processes quickly and conveniently.

Whether you prefer a face-to-face approach in my office in Nassau County, or you want to leverage the benefits of virtual divorce mediation, I can offer a service that suits you. If you’re searching for a mediator with legal experience, and a deep knowledge of the New York region, I could be the ideal solution for you.

If you want to book your first initial consultation with your partner, you can contact my office using the phone number on this website, or the contact form available here. I look forward to helping you discover the benefits of mediation by zoom or in person.

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