Virtual Divorce Mediator or In Person Mediation for Bronx Residents

Mediationpic22Zoomtabletlaptop-300x200While studies show divorce rates in New York can often be lower than those elsewhere in the United States, this information provides little comfort to those who do choose to end their marriages. A marriage can fall apart for a number of reasons, and even if the decision to end your relationship is amicable, unravelling the threads of the life you’ve built together can be extremely difficult.

For residents of Bronx County, a thriving borough of New York City, divorce mediation can offer a valuable alternative to the stressful, time-consuming, and often expensive process of litigation.  We can help residents all over New York State now as people can mediate from the comfort of their own homes via zoom.  We can e-filed uncontested divorce documents with the court as well.   As a divorce and family law attorney, I have offered litigation support to residents of Bronx County and people throughout both New York and Long Island for many years.

However, I also advocate for the benefits of mediation, which I believe offers a less painful, and more streamlined approach to dispute resolution. As a trained divorce mediator, I have assisted many couples in navigating the complexities of divorce with flexible mediation services including as a Virtual Divorce Mediator or a live and in person divorce mediator in the conference room in my office.

Here are some of the reasons people may choose me as their divorce mediator for their Bronx County matters.

A Local Source of Support for Bronx Mediation

As a resident of Suffolk County, with my own office in the Jericho region of Nassau County, I offer my clients a local source of friendly, and professional support with issues regarding matrimonial law.

I’m familiar with the Bronx County landscape. In fact, I have spent many days exploring both the eclectic region, and the courts located throughout the Bronx.

Bronx County has the fourth largest area of any New York borough, and the third highest population density. It’s one of the most diverse boroughs in the region, home to people from many cultures, communities, and different walks of life.

During my career as a matrimonial and family law attorney, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many people throughout the Bronx region. I’ve represented people in the Bronx County family court, helping clients with cases connected to orders of protection, child custody, and child support. I can also offer my assistance in divorce cases in the Bronx Supreme Court.

My personal experience within this region, and intimate relationship with the various boroughs of New York means I can provide unique, behind-the-scenes insights into court processes and nuances to every client I serve.

A True Advocate for Bronx Divorce Mediation

My career in the family law landscape began when I was admitted to the New York State Bar more than 20 years again, in 1999. Initially, I gained experience in the litigation landscape with various firms before I began working with the Suffolk County Assigned Panel approximately in 2004. My experiences here drove my decision to launch my own family law practice, in Nassau County, close to my Suffolk County home.

Through the years, my experiences working with endless clients have helped me recognize the potential and value divorce mediation has to offer modern couples. I found mediation was a reliable and effective way to manage dispute resolution. Often, this strategy offers a faster, more cost-effective, and less stressful way to navigate the divorce journey.

In 2012, I was inspired to begin offering divorce mediation services to clients throughout New York, including those in the Bronx. Initially, I began offering in-person mediation sessions in my Jericho office. However, as the world changed and evolved, I began to move into new landscapes, offering flexible virtual mediation sessions over Zoom, for those who wanted to mitigate travel concerns, or access sessions from the comfort of their own home.

Truly Flexible and Comprehensive Mediation Sessions

My commitment to offering a flexible service to my clients in the Bronx and throughout New York has proven valuable to many clients. Though I continue to offer in-person sessions to those who want them, I can also host mediation sessions via convenient channels like Zoom. This gives my clients the freedom to arrange their divorce journey around their schedule and avoid long journeys.

The flexibility my office provides doesn’t just extend to virtual sessions either. I also believe in offering my clients a bespoke experience, using various negotiation methods and tactics to suit their specific needs. For instance, in instances where clients need help preserving seamless communication with their soon-to-be-ex spouse, I can use facilitative mediation strategies to open the door to productive communications, using open-ended questions to provoke thoughtful responses.

For clients struggling to agree on specific topics, I can use evaluative mediation to offer insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each person’s case from a legal perspective. This can help clients to understand where they may need to be willing to compromise and collaborate.

I also regularly use interest-based negotiation tactics, ensuring both parties have an opportunity to clearly identify their requirements and priorities. This can help to power more effective discussions and ensure both parties feel heard and respected throughout the mediation process.

Your Dedicated Bronx Divorce Mediator

I believe divorce mediation offers a valuable alternative to litigation for many couples in the Bronx region, and throughout New York. However, just like any method used to navigate divorce, it’s important to ensure you have access to the right guidance and support throughout the process.

My experience as a local New York resident, knowledge of the Bronx County court rooms, and experience with various mediation sessions makes me a valuable partner to many clients in this region. I strive to provide every client with a comfortable, professional, and customized experience, regardless of whether they choose in-person or virtual mediation sessions.

No matter your situation, or where you’re located in Bronx County, I’m here to help. If you believe divorce mediation might be the right strategy for you and your soon-to-be-ex partner, reach out to my office today via the contact form or phone number on this weekend.

You can schedule an initial consultation with your partner at your earliest convenience, either in-person, or over Zoom. We look forward to hearing from you.

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