Maintenance-Fight-300x200Divorce mediation is one of the most popular forms of alternative dispute resolution, and a process I recommend considering for New Yorker’s contemplating dissolving their marriage. In an article referenced on it was stated that studies have shown that mediation can drive amicable resolutions in around 80% of cases. While I have not reviewed the stated studies I think it is fair to say that eighty percent or more of the couples that start mediation with me end up resolving the case and reaching a settlement.  I litigate and mediate and can honestly say that mediation is in almost all instances also less expensive, less stressful, and less complex than litigation.

In the past, usually, the way to access mediation services was to book face-to-face sessions with a professional. For the many clients who don’t want to have to drive long distances to find a mediator, this often limited their option on who they could work with.

However, all that has begun to change. Since the pandemic, the digital world, and the courts of New York, through e-filing, have begun supporting mediators like me with virtual options and digital filing. We can host sessions with residents of Broome County, or any other locations over channels like Zoom, and even e-file documents with the courts, to make the mediation process more convenient than ever. Continue reading ›

Lawyerlaptop-300x200Relationships can end for a variety of reasons, but even if the split is amicable, most couples want to part ways with a dispute resolution method that’s as painful and convenient as possible.

That’s one of the reasons why divorce mediation is so popular in New York and the rest of the country. It can offer a less stressful alternative to litigation, and can even save couples time and money when ending their marriage. However, while couples in Ulster County, New York, have had access to divorce mediation services for some time, their options for choosing the right divorce mediator have often been limited.

A focus on face-to-face mediation sessions over the years has prompted many people to choose local mediation services, even if they don’t adhere to their specific needs. Fortunately, virtual mediation is now an option, allowing mediators like me to conduct meetings with Ulster County couples through channels like Zoom, and e-file documents with the courts. Continue reading ›

ParentsKitchenChild-201x300Virtual Divorce Mediation Services in Niagara Country NY

For residents of Niagara County, New York, divorce mediation services have long offered a valuable alternative to traditional litigation. Although there are certainly situations in which litigation offers couples the best way to resolve their issues at the end of a marriage, mediation can sometimes offer a fast, cost-effective way to avoid unnecessary stress.

However, the success of any mediation strategy does depend on a couple’s ability to choose the right mediator to help them navigate the divorce process. Unfortunately, in the past, many couples have been restricted to choosing local mediators, to avoid the need for long and expensive commutes.

Now, however, the courts and video conferencing platforms of New York support mediators like me in offering virtual mediation services. This means I can offer my services to clients throughout Long Island and the entire state of New York, with the help of a conferencing platform like Zoom.

If you believe an alternative dispute resolution method like mediation might be right for you, here are some reasons why you might consider working with me on your case. Continue reading ›

Coupledisputebacktoback-300x205Oneida County virtual divorce mediation services give couples a flexible way to explore a popular method of alternative dispute resolution when it comes to ending their marriage or partnership. Over the years, I’ve seen mediation emerge as a valuable solution for many couples who want to streamline the complex divorce process, and reduce their exposure to stress.

While there are instances where a litigation process navigated with the help of a divorce lawyer or family law attorney like me will be the only suitable option for certain couples, mediation appeals to a wide range of clients. Unfortunately, finding the right divorce mediator for your needs can be complex, particularly if you’re limited to experts in your local region.

That’s why virtual divorce mediation services are becoming so valuable. They allow mediators like me to offer comprehensive, personalized services to clients through virtual conferencing tools like Zoom, ensuring anyone can participate in mediation sessions from the comfort of their own home, wherever they are, provided New York would have jurisdiction.

If you’re looking for virtual divorce mediation services offered by a friendly professional with legal experience, here’s why you might consider working with me.

Comprehensive Support from a New York Local

Although divorce mediation can offer a more straightforward alternative to litigation when navigating the divorce process, it requires a careful, strategic approach. Choosing a mediator familiar with how things happen in New York state court rooms (since I am also a litigator), and Long Island, can be an excellent way to reduce the risk of disruptions and challenges throughout the process.

Though I live in Suffolk County, I am a native resident of New York and Long Island, and have spent years exploring many counties and boroughs, both as a tourist and a legal professional.  My office is located in Nassau County, New York.

Oneida County, named in honor of the Oneida people, is home to the Adirondack Railroad and Delta Lake State park.

Mediation clients may struggle to make the journey to my office for regular mediation sessions from Oneida County. Fortunately, the evolution of digital technologies like Zoom, and the ability professionals have nowadays to e-file documents with the courts is improving accessibility to divorce and mediation services.

Today, I can easily and safely offer convenient divorce mediation sessions to clients all over Long Island and New York, from Suffolk County, to Oneida County, offering each couple the same level of expertise, support, and convenience. Continue reading ›

Mediationpic20Zoomwomanmandonscreenintie-300x200Just as there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marriage, there’s no single process for navigating a divorce that works for everyone. While some couples find the only way to effectively negotiate the end of their relationship is with the help of a litigation attorney (which I am), others prefer the flexibility and comfort offered by mediation services (which is my favorite process for people that are able to do it). In recent years, divorce mediation has grown increasingly popular.

Many of the couples I’ve worked with in the past believe mediation helps to remove some of the stress associated with the litigation process, and can even speed up dispute resolution. However, accessing a reputable, friendly, and available mediator to handle your Saratoga County divorce mediation isn’t always easy.

In the past, many couples have been restricted in their search for a divorce mediator based on their geographical location. Now that the legal landscape is beginning to digitally transform, allowing mediators like me to e-file documents and communicate with customers through virtual conferencing methods like Zoom, Saratoga County residents have a lot more options. Continue reading ›

Mediationpic27buspeoplemanwomancalledinterview-300x200Just as every marriage is different, each divorce process has its own unique nuances to consider.

When a marriage ends, assets and debts need to be distributed between both parties, and decisions need to be made about the future of any children, whether or not there will be any maintenance (alimony), and even who will be able to keep the family home.

In some cases, the best way to reach an agreement on these complex topics is to present your case in a Dutchess County court, with the help of an attorney to guide you through the litigation process. However, many couples also find alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, or negotiating an agreement, before any case is filed, to be an excellent way to tie up the loose ends of their relationship.

Divorce mediation can be an excellent tool for side stepping the expense, complexity, and stress of the litigation process. The challenge many couples have is finding a divorce mediator who can adapt to their needs, and offer a convenient, flexible service. Continue reading ›

Lawyers-Office-300x200In some cases, the only way to reach a positive outcome in a divorce settlement or family law cases is to leverage the support of an attorney in a traditional litigative process. However, there are instances where alternative dispute resolution methods can be more cost-effective, less time consuming, and less stressful for residents of Albany County, New York.

Divorce or Family law mediation is a versatile solution that allows couples to come together to discuss and negotiate on matters related to the end of their marriage. It can cover everything from child custody and parenting time to conversations about maintenance and equitable distribution of martial assets and marital debt.

Working as both a family law attorney and divorce mediator, I’ve seen the benefits of family and divorce mediation myself countless times. Residents of New York I’ve worked with in the past have found that this approach to alternative dispute resolution can quickly lead to amicable results, allowing them to move on with the next stage of their lives as quickly and painlessly as possible. Continue reading ›

Mediationpic23Zoomwithrightamountofsmilingpeople-300x200In an ideal world, divorce would be something no couple ever had to worry about. Unfortunately, relationships can fall apart for a range of reasons. Over time, people grow distant, priorities change, and issues occur that could cause divorce to be the only viable option for you and your partner.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any different ways to approach the end of your marriage. For some residents of Orange County, New York, litigation may be the best solution to effectively complete the divorce process. For others, divorce mediation could be a valuable alternative.

As both a divorce mediator and family lawyer, I’ve seen the benefits of both litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods at different times. For many of the people I work with, though, divorce mediation offers a fantastic way to mitigate some of the stress, expense, and fatigue of the litigation process. The biggest challenge for many couples is finding the right mediator to guide them through the divorce process.

Now that virtual divorce mediation is an option, my office can deliver convenient mediation sessions to Orange County residents, either in-person, for those willing to travel to my office in Nassau County Long Island or from the comfort of their own homes. Here are some of the reasons why clients choose to work with me on the divorce process. Continue reading ›

MediationPictobeusedlater-300x200Online, Zoom or Virtual Divorce Mediation has become more available for Monroe County residents and people everywhere throughout New York State. Although there are always situations wherein litigation or lawyer to lawyer negotiation is the chosen method to try to reach an agreement in the family law landscape, mediation offers many unique benefits. Used correctly, it can provide couples with a less stressful, more convenient way to navigate the end of their marriage.

Unfortunately, many couples have struggled to access the benefits of family law or divorce mediation in the past, simply because they’re unable to find a trustworthy and knowledgeable mediator local to their Monroe County address. My office aims to address this issue by offering versatile mediation options, with virtual sessions, hosted on platforms like Zoom.

Today, I can offer clients all over New York and Long Island, including those in Monroe County, access to comprehensive support and guidance, through mediation sessions tailored to suit them. Here are just some of the reasons Monroe County clients could choose me as their divorce mediator. Continue reading ›

Mediationpic21Zoomwomanonescreenmaninoffice-300x200For residents of Erie County, flexible divorce mediation services can offer an excellent alternative to the traditional, litigative process of ending a marriage. While there will always be situations wherein litigation may be the only option to reach agreements on the decisions you’ll need to make at the end of your marriage, many couples achieve incredible success with mediation.

As a popular method of alternative dispute resolution, mediation gives couples more freedom to negotiate and find their own solutions to issues like handling the equitable distribution of assets and debts. During my time as a divorce mediator, I’ve seen countless couples preserve and protect their best interests, while minimizing the stress and complexity of divorce with mediation services.

Residents in Erie County even save time and money choosing mediation over standard litigation. This is part of the reason why mediation was often seen as a popular choice for navigating divorce, even before the New York courts implemented presumptive divorce mediation guidelines. The presumptive divorce mediation happens when people start litigating. But, it is possible to mediate before court cases are even started. Nowadays, too, my office offers divorce mediation all over New York State, including for Erie County as we can do it online, over platforms like Zoom and submit the papers to the court for an uncontested divorce via electronic filing. Continue reading ›

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