Orange County New York Virtual and In-Person Divorce Mediation

Mediationpic23Zoomwithrightamountofsmilingpeople-300x200In an ideal world, divorce would be something no couple ever had to worry about. Unfortunately, relationships can fall apart for a range of reasons. Over time, people grow distant, priorities change, and issues occur that could cause divorce to be the only viable option for you and your partner.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any different ways to approach the end of your marriage. For some residents of Orange County, New York, litigation may be the best solution to effectively complete the divorce process. For others, divorce mediation could be a valuable alternative.

As both a divorce mediator and family lawyer, I’ve seen the benefits of both litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods at different times. For many of the people I work with, though, divorce mediation offers a fantastic way to mitigate some of the stress, expense, and fatigue of the litigation process. The biggest challenge for many couples is finding the right mediator to guide them through the divorce process.

Now that virtual divorce mediation is an option, my office can deliver convenient mediation sessions to Orange County residents, either in-person, for those willing to travel to my office in Nassau County Long Island or from the comfort of their own homes. Here are some of the reasons why clients choose to work with me on the divorce process.

Your Local New York Lawyer and Divorce Mediator

Orange County New York is a stunning location, located in the Poughkeepsie-Newburgh-Middletown metropolitan area of New York. Home to over 400,000 residents, the region is well-known for its incredible cultural hot spots, beautiful open spaces, and impressive history.

I grew up next door to this wonderful location in New City, New York, Rockland County.  I now live an practice from my office on Long Island, where I launched my legal career as a New York attorney. Over the years, I’ve had opportunities to visit Orange County myself. I’ve also represent various clients, in the Supreme and Family courts in the area over the years.

For residents of Orange County, I can offer unique benefits and insights as a divorce mediator. Not only am I familiar with the region, but my history in the legal landscape means I can offer a behind-the-scenes view of how the courts of New York work, and how family law decisions are made.

Whether I’m working with clients in-person, from my comfortable office in Jericho County, or interacting with them online through channels like Zoom, I can share my unique experience and background, acting as a valuable resource and guide to those dealing with the complexities of divorce.

An Advocate for Alternative Dispute Resolution

With more than two decades of experience as a New York divorce and family lawyer, I know how crucial the litigation process can be in some cases. There are instances wherein a divorce can only be settled with the consistent input of the court, and the right legal representation. However, since I was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1999, I’ve had an opportunity to look at family law from many different perspectives.

When I first entered the legal profession, I worked with various firms throughout Long Island and New York on a range of cases, before eventually joining the Assigned Panel in Suffolk County when I hung my own shingle, so to speak, and opened my own law office in 2004. It was here where I discovered a passion for family law, and a desire to help individuals regain their independence and happiness, following the end of a relationship or marriage.

After opening my own family law office, first in my home region of Suffolk County, then in Nassau County (in the Jericho region), I continued to explore various ways I might be able to assist my clients in pursuing more pain and stress-free ways to handle the divorce process. This prompted me to start offering mediation services as an alternative to litigation in many cases.

Mediation sessions gave my clients a more cost-effective and often less painful way to navigate divorce, leading to excellent results for a range of couples. Initially, I offered these services exclusively in-person. However, following the pandemic, and the rise of digital technology, I decided to expand my services, offering a virtual mediation solution that couples could access throughout New York.

Now, I can offer clients in Orange County, as well as those located anywhere throughout Long Island and New York, a more comfortable and convenient way to discover the benefits of mediation for themselves.

Versatile and Comprehensive Mediation Sessions

Ever since my office began offering mediation as an option to family law clients, I’ve always focused on offering a service that’s both comprehensive, and tailored to the needs of each couple. I commit to guiding my clients through every stage of the mediation process, from initial discussions, through to the filing (or e-filing) of uncontested divorce papers.

Throughout each mediation journey, I tailor my approach to the requirements of the couple, leveraging the strategies I’ve learned to facilitate valuable outcomes. Sometimes, I’ll draw from my experience as a family lawyer in evaluative mediation sessions, ensuring clients can understand the strengths and weaknesses of their case from both sides, and make decisions that align with the priorities of the courts.

In many cases, mediation sessions will also include a combination of facilitative techniques, such as open-ended questioning. These methods help to nurture the flow of conversations, ensuring each party can understand the reasoning behind the priorities of their soon-to-be ex-partners. I also leverage interest-based negotiation techniques, to ensure that each party feels heard and respected throughout the process.

My focus as a mediator is on being an objective party that can guide both sides of a couple to the best possible outcomes for their needs. I use all of these strategies in face-to-face mediation sessions, and now I can also offer them to Orange County residents who want to avoid the stress of a long commute or drive, and participate in discussions through channels like Zoom instead.

It’s this flexible and highly tailored approach that ensures I can provide my clients with an experience that feels comfortable, convenient, and tuned to their specific needs.

Mediation Sessions for Orange County Residents

My years as both a family law attorney and divorce mediator have shown me that mediation can be a valuable resource for many couples, looking to avoid the stress of the litigation process. Now that it’s possible to conduct these sessions online, and even file documents with the court through the web, I can offer these services to a wider range of clients, all across the New York and Long Island regions.

If you’re located in Orange County, and you would like to explore the option of divorce mediation, delivered either virtually, or in-person, my office is available to answer any questions you might have. You can reach out via the contact form on this website, or over the phone to arrange your first consultation with your partner, at a time that suits you.

We look forward to offering you a divorce mediation service that’s perfectly suited to your requirements.

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