Westchester County In-Person or Virtual Divorce Mediation

Mediationpic28maturelawyermaturecouple-300x200Virtual and in-person divorce mediation offers residents of Westchester County, New York, one of the most flexible and smooth ways to navigate the complexities of a family law case. Though divorce is never simple, it can often be made more complex by the process of litigation. Presenting cases to the courts, and waiting for them to make decisions about your future can be time-consuming, gambling and stressful.

While working with a divorce mediator for your Westchester County legal separation or divorce doesn’t remove the involvement of the courts entirely (since ultimately a judge has to sign your divorce papers), it does allow couples far more freedom to manage the divorce process according to their own needs and priorities. That’s one of the reasons why so many residents of New York embraced mediation, even before “presumptive divorce mediation” systems were implemented.

As a New York local, trained and experienced New York State divorce mediator, and long time family law attorney, I have shaped the mediation services offered by my office in Jericho, New York Nassau County specifically to address the flexible needs of today’s couples, throughout Westchester County and beyond.  It is very easy to cover the entirety of New York State now with the advent of mediation by Zoom and E-filing uncontested divorce papers with the court.

Here are some of the reasons my many have trusted me as their divorce mediator.

An Extensive History with Westchester County

While I live in the Suffolk County region of New York, and have an office in Nassau County (within Jericho) nearby, I’m deeply familiar with Westchester.  I grew up in Rockland County and as a child I would work with my Father in Westchester where he was in business my entire childhoold. Only around an hour away from my office location, Westchester county is the seventh most populous county in New York, and the most populus in the North of New York City.

Located in the Hudson Valley, Westchester consists of 6 distinct cities, 19 towns, and 23 villages, covering an area of more than 450 square miles. It’s also one of the most centrally located counties in the metropolitan area of New York, making it a hub for many travelers and explorers.

As a matrimonial and family law attorney and divorce mediator, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many clients from the Westchester County region, in various formats. I’ve helped individuals navigate the complexities of Westchester County courts, and represented people approaching the family courts for orders of protection, child custody agreements and more.

My familiarity with both the region and its court rooms make me a valuable resource for my clients, whether they’re looking for insights into how court decisions might work, or guidance into the unique nuances affecting family law in New York.

A True Believer in the Power of Divorce Mediation

My history as a divorce and family law lawyer has given me a unique insight into the potential and benefits of divorce mediation. When I was first admitted into the State Bar of New York in 1999, I initially focused exclusively on negotiation and litigation, like many other lawyers in my field. I earned my experience working with a number of firms, before discovering my passion for family law, working with the Suffolk County Assigned Panel.

I went on to launch my own law office first in Suffolk County, Long Island and then in the Jericho region of Nassau County, assisting clients with all of the complex aspects of matrimonial and family law, from arranging custody agreements, to dealing with orders of protection. Over the years, I explored various methods of alternative dispute resolution, such as negotiation and collaborative law.  I also discovered mediation to be a powerful tool for many divorcing couples.

Eventually, in 2012, I began offering divorce mediation services to my clients, combining my knowledge of the courts and family law, with excellent training. Since then, my belief in the power of divorce mediation has only grown, as I have seen countless couples successfully navigate the divorce process with this method, often benefiting from lower costs, and faster resolution times.

A Flexible Approach to Mediation

Every couple and individual is different, which means mediation solutions should be able to cater to their needs, while adhering to the guidelines set by the law and local courtrooms. Although my office in Nassau County is relatively close for residents in Westchester County, many of my clients have struggled to attend mediation sessions in-person in the past.

During the pandemic, I discovered the benefits of offering clients a more flexible approach to their mediation needs, with virtual sessions hosted through Zoom. These sessions allow clients to comfortably engage in mediation experiences from the comfort of their own home, their offices, or anywhere, without the need for travel.

Aside from offering both virtual and in-person mediation options, I also provide customized, comprehensive mediation solutions to every couple. My office can work with clients throughout the entire mediation process, from the initial negotiation stages to the point of e-filing documents with the courts.

Throughout mediation sessions, I often also use a variety of different methodologies to facilitate effective interactions. For instance, my experience as a family law attorney means I can effectively use evaluative mediation to highlight the potential weaknesses and strengths in the cases of each client from a legal perspective, helping them to discover areas where compromise may be necessary.

My extensive experience working one-on-one with clients also means I can effectively use interest-based negotiation techniques, to ensure both clients can clearly air their concerns and priorities throughout the process. What’s more, I can use facilitative mediation strategies, like open-ended questioning, to dive deeper into the concerns each client has, and pave the way for productive conversations and solutions.

Divorce Mediation for Westchester County

I believe divorce mediation is a powerful tool for many clients who would rather avoid the complexities involved in the standard litigation process. My office has seen countless examples of couples who have been able to effectively navigate their divorce quickly and easily, using mediation methods.

To ensure everyone in Westchester County, and beyond can discover the benefits of mediation for themselves, I’m committed to making by services as accessible as possible. From my office in Nassau County, Long Island I can offer a combination of virtual and in-person mediation sessions to suit the needs of any couple, ensuring they remain comfortable throughout the divorce process.

  1. If you’re looking for local support from a divorce mediator that understands the New York region, Westchester county, and the intricacies of divorce and family law, please reach out to my office today. You can use the contact form on this website, or call my office on (516) 333-6555 to arrange an initial consultation with yourself and your partner. We look forward to finding the best way to help you unlock the potential of divorce mediation.
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