Erie County Divorce Mediation: Virtual Family Law Mediation

Mediationpic21Zoomwomanonescreenmaninoffice-300x200For residents of Erie County, flexible divorce mediation services can offer an excellent alternative to the traditional, litigative process of ending a marriage. While there will always be situations wherein litigation may be the only option to reach agreements on the decisions you’ll need to make at the end of your marriage, many couples achieve incredible success with mediation.

As a popular method of alternative dispute resolution, mediation gives couples more freedom to negotiate and find their own solutions to issues like handling the equitable distribution of assets and debts. During my time as a divorce mediator, I’ve seen countless couples preserve and protect their best interests, while minimizing the stress and complexity of divorce with mediation services.

Residents in Erie County even save time and money choosing mediation over standard litigation. This is part of the reason why mediation was often seen as a popular choice for navigating divorce, even before the New York courts implemented presumptive divorce mediation guidelines. The presumptive divorce mediation happens when people start litigating. But, it is possible to mediate before court cases are even started. Nowadays, too, my office offers divorce mediation all over New York State, including for Erie County as we can do it online, over platforms like Zoom and submit the papers to the court for an uncontested divorce via electronic filing.

If you want to explore an alternative strategy to litigation with your divorce journey, here are some of the reasons why you might consider using me as your virtual Erie County divorce mediator.

Erie County is located on the shore of Lake Erie towards the west of New York State, is a thriving landscape, packed with more than 954,000 residents. The county is well-known for its stunning architecture, beautiful natural landmarks, and rich history, connected to the Erie Tribe of Native Americans.

As a resident of Suffolk County, who has spent years living and working in Long Island, Suffolk County, and Nassau County, and New York City, I am familiar with handling cases in different counties or venues. What’s more, as a New York divorce attorney, I’ve had the opportunity to represent my clients in both the Supreme and Family Courts of various counties in New York State.
As a practical matter, in the past, the commute between Erie County and my own office in Jericho County has made navigating the mediation process harder for some couples if they wanted to work with me.

Fortunately, the digital transformation of the legal landscape, combined with my own commitment to offering virtual mediation via channels by Zoom means I can now easily serve Erie County locals wherever they are. With my help, you and your partner can complete the mediation process from the comfort of your own home. We can even e-file uncontested divorce documents on your behalf once agreements are reached.

Belief in the Power and Potential of Mediation

As a family law attorney, going on 25 years of experience working as a lawyer in New York, I’m deeply familiar with the power of the traditional litigation process, and the part it plays in the divorce landscape. However, while I am committed to supporting clients with litigation, I’ve also had an opportunity to see the value of alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation for myself.
When I was first admitted to the New York Bar in 1999, I spent numerous years working with firms throughout Long Island and New York state, building my experience as an attorney. Eventually, my work with the Assigned Panel of Suffolk County introduced me to my passion for family law, prompting me to launch my own office, first in Suffolk County, then in Nassau County, in the Jericho, Long Island region.

The more years I spent supporting clients with a variety of family law cases, the more I was able to explore alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation. I discovered that mediation represented a cost-effective, timesaving, and often less stressful option for couples than litigation. This encouraged me to begin offering mediation services myself, to all of my clients.

Today, my combined experience as both an attorney and a mediator means I can offer clients in Erie County, and other regions of New York true flexibility when handling the complexities of divorce. That’s particularly true now that my clients can choose between in-person and virtual sessions.

Comprehensive and Flexible Mediation Solutions

My years of experience in the family law landscape have shown me that every couple has their own distinct challenges and priorities to consider when it comes to resolving divorce disputes. That’s why I believe a flexible approach is so important. By offering flexible in-person sessions from my office in Nassau County, alongside virtual mediation over Zoom, I can give my clients a more comfortable, convenient experience.

At the same time, I always approach each case with a focus on bespoke client service. I’ve learned various techniques and strategies over the years, which can prove helpful in the mediation process, such as:
• Interest-based mediation: With interest-based strategies, I ensure both clients have an opportunity to voice their concerns and priorities before agreements are made. This facilitates a more productive conversation, where both clients feel heard, respected, and understood.
• Facilitative mediation: Various methods used during negotiation discussions can help to streamline the mediation process. For instance, open-ended questioning can be an excellent way to dive into the reasons behind arguments, and client perspectives.
• Evaluative mediation: As a divorce attorney, I have a unique opportunity to share my experience with my clients. I can offer insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments and cases, helping to highlight areas where compromise might be crucial.
Each mediation process varies based on the needs of my Erie County clients, often using a combination of all the strategies above. No matter your situation, my office is dedicated to providing a comprehensive level of support through every level of the negotiation experience.

Divorce Mediation Support in Erie County

Divorce will always be a complex process, combining difficult choices with emotional turmoil. However, the right mediation strategy can often streamline and simplify the experience for many couples. For residents of Erie County, flexible in-person and virtual mediation sessions can offer a more comfortable and convenient way to navigate the process of divorce.

From my office in Nassau County, I’m committed to offering the best possible experience to every client, no matter where you’re located in the New York region. If you want to approach mediation with the support of a local expert, with deep legal knowledge, contact my office today.

You can reach out via the contact form or phone number on this website, to arrange an initial consultation for yourself and your partner.

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