New York State Virtual and In-Person Divorce Mediation

Mediationpic13businessmeetingmanwoman-300x200New York State is one of the most innovative and dynamic regions in the world. Not only is it a hub of creativity for the media, technology, and science landscapes, but it’s also a state with a forward-thinking approach to matrimonial law.

In 2019, New York implemented a presumptive divorce mediation system which requires couples to at least attempt to resolve civil litigation issues through mediation, rather than the open court.  Since I still litigate, in addition to mediating, I can report that it seems to this Divorce Lawyer that during the pandemic, the presumptive divorce mediation requirement seemed to become less of a requirement.  The reason I say this is it does not seem that every case that lands in court still gets sent to mediation at first, although, I can attest that it still does happen to some cases. However, even without this legal guidance, many couples have embraced the benefits of alternative dispute resolution methods over the years. In fact, many couples in New York use at least one alternative dispute resolution method – the most popular option being mediation.

Working both as a family law attorney and trained divorce mediator in New York State for the number of years has given me an incredible insight into just how effective in person or virtual divorce mediation can be at streamlining the divorce process and eliminating unnecessary stress for couples.

Today, I strive to make the benefits of mediation available to all residents throughout the various boroughs of New York City, Long Island and the rest of New York state, offering a combination of both in-person and virtual mediation options.  We can mediate with people from anywhere they are via Zoom, and submit uncontested divorce papers through e-filing, from the convenience of my office, to most any County in New York State. Here’s why clients throughout New York choose me as their divorce mediator.

A Local Source of New York Mediation Support

While the nuances of divorce mediation can be similar from one state to the next, every location has its own distinct challenges to consider. As a resident of New York, myself, having grown up in New City, Rockland County, and admitted to the New York State Bar in 1999, I’ve had a unique opportunity over the years to become intimately familiar with the processes and practices of the state’s courtrooms.

Throughout my career, I’ve spent countless hours throughout the courtrooms of various boroughs in New York City and surrounding areas in the New York Region. I myself live in Suffolk County, and have my own law and mediation office, located nearby in the Jericho region of Nassau County. I’m familiar with both the family and supreme courts of New York State, and how they manage various family law issues.

My relationship with the New York region also goes beyond a professional connection. I also have a deeper, personal connection to New York, where I have lived myself, all my life, except when I went to school and one year afterwards. This incredible region has a varied geography, brimming with sprawling urban areas, and beautiful natural spaces. It’s also one of the original “thirteen colonies” that formed the United States, meaning the state is packed with deep history and heritage.

Many of clients have found that my experience as both a professional and local resident of New York provides them with comfort and confidence when looking for the ideal divorce mediator for their specific needs. If you believe local support is crucial to your success, I could be the mediator for you.

Combining Mediation with Attorney Experience

Mediators for family law cases can enter the landscape from a range of backgrounds. I myself have met mediators who started their career in areas like psychology, finance and counselling before they began moving into the mediation space.

I discovered the benefits of mediation for alternative dispute resolution after several years working as a divorce and family law attorney within New York State. After being admitted to the bar in 1999, I worked with a number of different legal firms, before discovering my passion for family law supporting the Assigned Counsel Panel of Suffolk County.

Eventually, I launched by own local law office first in Suffolk County then in Nassau County and began assisting residents with all of the complex components of matrimonial law, from child custody arrangements to equitable distribution. Over the years, I discovered mediation to be a valuable alternative dispute resolution strategy, often offering a more cost-effective, and pain-free approach to divorce.

In 2012, I decided to upgrade by service offering, by combining my career as a divorce lawyer with mediation solutions. Since then, my approach to mediation has evolved to suit the changing needs of my clients, and the rapidly digitizing modern landscape. Now, I not only support clients in-person through office-based sessions, but also provide flexible mediation sessions over virtual channels like Zoom, for those who want to avoid lengthy commutes.

A Comprehensive and Flexible Approach to Mediation

The more time I’ve spent as a mediator, the more I’ve recognized the need for flexibility in mediation sessions. In recent years, in particular, New York State residents found themselves in need of agile video conferencing and virtual sessions, to avoid the challenges caused by the pandemic.

Even now, many of my clients prefer to leverage virtual mediation sessions, as they allow them to adapt their divorce journey to their specific schedules and needs. However, my commitment to offering clients flexibility goes beyond simply offering both in-person and virtual support. I also believe it’s important to provide my clients with comprehensive, end-to-end assistance, which adapts according to their requirements.

My office provides support with every step of the mediation process, from initial negotiation sessions to e-filing documents with the courts. During this process, I also use a variety of different techniques to facilitate better conversations between clients.

For instance, with interest-based negotiation techniques, I ensure both clients have an opportunity to clearly outline their requirements and concerns throughout the mediation process. This helps to ensure both parties feel heard and respected. To assist in facilitating collaboration, I use facilitative mediation strategies such as open-ended questioning, to dive deeper into the needs of each client.

I also frequently use evaluative meditation strategies, drawing on my experience as a family law attorney, to highlight the strengths and weaknesses in each case from a legal perspective. This can help clients see areas where they may need to compromise with their soon-to-be-ex partner.

Divorce Mediation Support for New York State Residents

In recent years, the benefits of divorce and family law mediation strategies have become increasingly evident to the courts of New York, couples, and attorneys alike. I believe mediation is a fantastic alternative to litigation for couples throughout New York State.

However, I also know it can be difficult for clients to find a flexible solution that combines local knowledge, with comprehensive, bespoke assistance. From my office in Jericho County, I’m committed to delivering the agile and tailored experience my clients need, regardless of where they’re located in New York State.

If you’re looking for a divorce mediator that can offer both in-person and virtual sessions to suit your specific needs, contact my office today. You can arrange an initial consultation for yourself and your partner through the contact form on this website, or by calling me on (516) 333-6555.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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