The Costs of New York Divorce Mediation Versus a Traditional Divorce

Going through a New York divorce can be an extremely difficult time for both spouses. However, it does not have to be. When the parties can agree on some of the businessmeeting-300x200fundamental issues, New York divorce mediation is an excellent option to decrease the amount of time, money, and stress expended in the process of getting a divorce.

As anyone who has been through a New York divorce understands, filing for divorce is not free. On top of the legal fees that will be incurred by each party, various filing and trial preparation fees can add up to thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, the time it takes for a New York divorce to become final differs, but it is typically a lengthy process that lasts between six months to over a year.

Divorce mediation is an alternative to court litigation for people who want to separate their lives and obtain a New York divorce. The mediation process involves the parties sitting down with a neutral third-party mediator who helps the parties discuss all the relevant issues of the divorce and come up with a mutually acceptable plan. Once the agreement is reached, the end result will be the same as if the couple had gone through the court system to obtain a divorce – except the parties will have saved themselves a significant amount of time and money.

There are, however, some fees associated with obtaining a divorce, either through courtroom litigation or through mediation. For New York divorces, the costs include the legal fees for each of the parties. There is also a fee for divorce mediation; however, since the parties are working together with the mediator, there is only one fee for both of the parties (as opposed to each party paying their litigators).  Review attorneys for each party to a divorce mediation is, however, a recommended step (although not everyone heeds this recommendation).  Review attorneys help the parties understand their legal rights and could make suggestions on tweaks to the agreement that is formed in divorce mediation.

Are You Contemplating a New York Divorce?

If you are currently considering filing for a divorce, New York divorce mediation may be a better alternative than filing for divorce in court. Darren M. Shapiro is a dedicated New York family law attorney and mediator who has many years of experience handling all types of New York divorce and mediation cases. Through this experience, he has come to learn how to effectively negotiate through the difficult issues that must be addressed in any New York divorce. To learn more about how Attorney Shapiro can help you save time and money in getting a New York divorce, call 516-333-6555 to set up a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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