Saratoga County Virtual Divorce Mediation Solutions

Mediationpic20Zoomwomanmandonscreenintie-300x200Just as there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marriage, there’s no single process for navigating a divorce that works for everyone. While some couples find the only way to effectively negotiate the end of their relationship is with the help of a litigation attorney (which I am), others prefer the flexibility and comfort offered by mediation services (which is my favorite process for people that are able to do it). In recent years, divorce mediation has grown increasingly popular.

Many of the couples I’ve worked with in the past believe mediation helps to remove some of the stress associated with the litigation process, and can even speed up dispute resolution. However, accessing a reputable, friendly, and available mediator to handle your Saratoga County divorce mediation isn’t always easy.

In the past, many couples have been restricted in their search for a divorce mediator based on their geographical location. Now that the legal landscape is beginning to digitally transform, allowing mediators like me to e-file documents and communicate with customers through virtual conferencing methods like Zoom, Saratoga County residents have a lot more options.

If you’re looking for convenient, and flexible mediation services, here’s why you may consider choosing me as your Saratoga County virtual divorce mediator.

The Evolution of Divorce Mediation in Saratoga County

Saratoga County is the fastest-growing county in the region of Upstate New York. By 2020, the location had a population over 235,000 people, representing a 7.2% increase in 10 years. This unique county attracts homeowners and visitors from all over the United States, thanks to its beautiful park areas, stunning historical buildings, and outdoor recreational areas. It’s also one of the county’s most often recognized for its high quality of life.

Of course, just like any county, Saratoga is home to a diverse range of people, many of which will find themselves in need of the support of a family lawyer, or divorce mediator over the years. A few years ago, before the pandemic, many locals would have been limited to selecting a mediator in their local area, or they’d be forced to drive several hours out of state to work with the right person.

I am available to work with couples from Saratoga, despite the distance between the county and my office in Nassau County and my home in Suffolk County. I’ve worked as both a mediator and a family attorney for many clients, representing cases in the Supreme and Family courts, and helping couples to come to agreements about everything from child custody and parenting time, to equitable distribution.

Now that I can offer clients virtual divorce mediation sessions, I can provide Saratoga County clients with a more convenient way to access the support they need, without asking them to travel for several hours to reach my office. Every couple can access the personalized guidance they’re looking for with me as their mediator, and participate in sessions from the comfort of their own home.

A Family Lawyer and Experienced Divorce Mediator

As a divorce mediator, I can offer Saratoga County clients convenience, comfort, friendly support from a professional familiar with their home region. However, I can also offer unique benefits that many other mediators can’t provide. Mediators embrace their roles from a range of backgrounds, some turn to mediation from psychology, others move into the space with a financial background.

I personally embraced mediation as a service offering as a complement to my services as an experienced family attorney. Although mediators don’t necessarily need to be lawyers to offer excellent guidance, the two decades I’ve spent as an attorney means I can provide the people I work with unique advice and insights. I can help them understand how the courts work, how decisions are made about child custody, equitable distribution, and maintenance, and how they can avoid disruptions.

Since I joined the New York State Bar in 1999, I’ve worked alongside various firms in both New York and Long Island, working on a range of cases. However, I truly found my calling after joining the Suffolk County Assigned Panel thereafter, where I discovered my passion for family law.

It was this work that convinced me to open my own family law practice first in Suffolk County then in Nassau County, Long Island, where I still serve clients from throughout New York as a litigator, negotiator or a mediator. However, the experiences I’ve had working with various couples showed me how powerful mediation can be as an alternative dispute resolution method. That’s why I decided to start offering divorce mediation services too, first exclusively through in-person sessions, and now through both in-person, and virtual options.

Comprehensive and Customized Divorce Mediation

After seeing for myself how effective divorce mediation can be, I took various courses to ensure I could deliver the best possible experiences to my own clients. My focus has always been on giving clients a fair, objective, and supportive experience, tailored to their needs. Through the years, I’ve developed skills in various techniques that help me with this practice.

For instance, I can draw on my experience as a family lawyer with an “evaluative mediation” process, helping clients to see the challenges they might face when submitting certain agreements to the courts about child custody, equitable distribution, and parenting time. This often helps clients to avoid disruptions and delays in the mediation process.

To ensure each client feels supported and heard during the mediation journey, I use interest-based negotiation strategies to give each party an equal voice throughout sessions. This helps me to understand the priorities of each client, and pave the way for effective discussions. Similarly, using facilitative mediation techniques, like open-ended questioning, can help me to dive into the reasoning behind each person’s concerns, priorities, and objections.

Working with each party closely, I help to facilitate negotiation, while maintaining a fair and objective perspective, helping to ensure each client ends up with an agreement that resonates with their needs. This flexible approach has now been enhanced by my ability to offer in-person, virtual, or both types of sessions to clients throughout Saratoga County, and beyond.

Virtual Mediation for Residents of Saratoga County

Over the years, I’ve seen first-hand how effective divorce mediation can be for residents of Saratoga County. It can help to pave the way for more effective discussions, reduce stress during the divorce process, and even accelerate positive outcomes. Now that I can offer virtual mediation options, I can ensure every couple throughout New York and Long Island can gain access to the same benefits of divorce mediation, regardless of their location.

If you’re based in Saratoga county or elsewhere in New York and you’re looking for a mediator with legal knowledge, an understanding of your local area, and a commitment to client care, you can reach out to my team to discuss your mediation options via the contact number or form on this website.

I look forward to discussing your needs with you.

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