Dutchess County Virtual Divorce Mediation Services

Mediationpic27buspeoplemanwomancalledinterview-300x200Just as every marriage is different, each divorce process has its own unique nuances to consider.

When a marriage ends, assets and debts need to be distributed between both parties, and decisions need to be made about the future of any children, whether or not there will be any maintenance (alimony), and even who will be able to keep the family home.

In some cases, the best way to reach an agreement on these complex topics is to present your case in a Dutchess County court, with the help of an attorney to guide you through the litigation process. However, many couples also find alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, or negotiating an agreement, before any case is filed, to be an excellent way to tie up the loose ends of their relationship.

Divorce mediation can be an excellent tool for side stepping the expense, complexity, and stress of the litigation process. The challenge many couples have is finding a divorce mediator who can adapt to their needs, and offer a convenient, flexible service.

Now that I can offer divorce mediation services virtually, through channels like Zoom, and e-file documents with the court over the internet, I can offer clients throughout Dutchess County, and other regions of New York and Long Island a simpler strategy for dispute resolution. Here’s why you might consider working with me as your virtual divorce mediator.

Divorce Mediation in Dutchess County

Located a little less than three hours away from my law and divorce mediation office office in Nassau County, Dutchess County is a charming, and historical region, home to more than 295,000 residents. In 1683, Dutchess County was one of the first 12 counties ever established for New York. Now, it’s home to families of all shapes and sizes.

Currently, according to Census data, over 63% of the households in Dutchess County are made up of married couples. While some of these couples may stay together for a lifetime, many others will find themselves searching for support from a professional divorce attorney, or divorce mediator.

During my time as a family lawyer in New York, I’ve had a chance to file cases in Dutchess County in the Supreme court in which I represented one side in an uncontested divorce. However, I’ve also had an opportunity to see the benefits of divorce mediation as an alternative dispute solution first-hand and have filed papers there for parties after a divorce mediation where I was a neutral.

While in the past, the driving time from my office in Nassau County, Long Island might have prevented some Dutchess County residents from working with me, I can now ensure every couple has access to the same support and guidance, through virtual mediation sessions.

An Extensive Background in Family Law

One of the things that could set me apart from other divorce mediators available to Dutchess County residents, is my experience in the legal landscape. Mediators don’t have to be lawyers to offer excellent guidance to their clients, but my unique background means I can offer behind-the-scenes advice and insights, perhaps if I am working as a person’s lawyer (review attorney or otherwise) or to help couples mediating with me resolve an impasse, into the issues that arise during divorce cases, which my clients find extremely useful.

Since joining the New York State Bar in 1999, I worked with multiple firms in both Long Island and New York York City as an attorney, handling a range of different cases. When I joined the Suffolk County Assigned Panel, however, I discovered a passion for family law, that eventually convinced me to launch my own practice.

Since then, I’ve consistently looked for ways to expand and improve the services I offer to couples looking for ways to simplify the complexities of divorce. While I still offer comprehensive litigation services, assisting with cases related to family orders of protection, child custody, divorce, child support and other family law matters, I also offer holistic family and divorce mediation services.

As a divorce mediator, I can provide my clients with a unique, collaborative, and negotiation-led ways to come to agreements about everything from parenting time to maintenance payments. Often, this objective and convenient process not only leads to a faster resolution of common divorce problems, but also reduces the stress my clients feel about the concept of taking their cases to court.

While originally, I offered divorce mediation services exclusively in-person, the digitization of the legal landscape has allowed me to expand and extend my offering to other regions across Long Island and New York. With channels like Zoom, I can provide clients in Dutchess County with a convenient, comfortable, and simple way to access divorce mediation.

Divorce Mediation Sessions Tailored to You

When I decided to offer mediation services alongside my services as a family attorney, I underwent significant training, to ensure I could deliver a fair, and valuable experience to all my clients. Over the years, I’ve learned how to leverage various techniques throughout the mediation process, to help couples make informed decisions about their future.

For instance, my experience in the realm of divorce and matrimonial law means I can provide clients with a clear insight into the challenges they may face when submitting agreements to the courts about parenting time, child custody, and equitable distribution. This “evaluative mediation” process ensures clients can consider their options carefully and avoid delays in the divorce process.

As a mediator, I’m also committed to consistently offering an objective and supportive experience to both parties included in a divorce. To ensure each party feels respected and heard, I can use interest-based negotiation techniques. These methods help to draw the most important priorities of each client to the surface, so they can stay focused during collaborative discussions.

Similarly, facilitative mediation techniques, such as open-ended questioning, can give me an opportunity to dive into the reasoning behind each person’s objections, concerns, and requests, discovering opportunities for negotiation. Working closely with each party, I carefully tailor the mediation experience to suit the needs of my clients, helping to guide both sides of a couple towards an outcome that works for them.

I can even offer my clients the opportunity to combine their virtual divorce mediation sessions with in-person interactions, scheduled around their everyday commitments.

Virtual Mediation for Dutchess County Residents

Divorce mediation is a process I’ve seen lead to fantastic outcomes for many of the people I’ve worked with over the years, regardless of their backgrounds, or the complexity of their situations.  It is usually a far less expensive, more expeditious, and less emotional process than divorce litigation.  I bring my knowledge as a divorce litigator to the mediation sessions. I believe that with a combination of legal knowledge, a friendly demeanour, and a bespoke approach to delivering a comprehensive service, I’ve helped countless couples move onto the next stage of their lives.

With virtual divorce mediation services, I can now offer the benefits of mediation to every couple, regardless or their location, and help them to avoid the stress of a regular commute. If you’re located in Dutchess County, or the surrounding areas, you can contact my office at any time to arrange an initial appointment for yourself and your partner.

You can reach out to me either through the contact form on this website or over the phone at (516) 333-6555, to discuss your options for virtual divorce mediation. Mediating couples are invited to do their free initial consultation together.

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