Broome County Virtual Divorce Mediation

Maintenance-Fight-300x200Divorce mediation is one of the most popular forms of alternative dispute resolution, and a process I recommend considering for New Yorker’s contemplating dissolving their marriage. In an article referenced on it was stated that studies have shown that mediation can drive amicable resolutions in around 80% of cases. While I have not reviewed the stated studies I think it is fair to say that eighty percent or more of the couples that start mediation with me end up resolving the case and reaching a settlement.  I litigate and mediate and can honestly say that mediation is in almost all instances also less expensive, less stressful, and less complex than litigation.

In the past, usually, the way to access mediation services was to book face-to-face sessions with a professional. For the many clients who don’t want to have to drive long distances to find a mediator, this often limited their option on who they could work with.

However, all that has begun to change. Since the pandemic, the digital world, and the courts of New York, through e-filing, have begun supporting mediators like me with virtual options and digital filing. We can host sessions with residents of Broome County, or any other locations over channels like Zoom, and even e-file documents with the courts, to make the mediation process more convenient than ever.

Here’s some information about Broome County and divorce mediation in New York.

Divorce Mediation in Broome County: The Evolution

Broome County is aunique location in New York, named after John Broome, the lieutenant governor of the state when the county was founded. Over the years, the county has attracted thousands of residents and visitors from around the US, with its wide range of protected wildlife areas, attractive lakes, and compelling tourist attractions.

Although I grew up in Rockland County, New York, and now I am a litigator and Nassau County divorce mediator, a region quite a distance away from Broome County, I am familiar with the matrimonial laws which apply throughout the entire state of New York.  Unfortunately, until recently, I’ve been unable to offer my services to residents of Broome County, other than as a behind the scenes legal consultant, so to speak, due to the long travel distance.

Fortunately, in the last couple of years, I’ve been able to successfully introduce virtual mediation into my services, which now means I can support couples from throughout New York or Long Island, regardless of their location.

I can offer Broome County clients access to a friendly, convenient mediator, that’s familiar with the nuances of New York divorce mediation, divorce and family law.

A Unique Combination of Legal Knowledge and Compassion

All divorce mediators, regardless of which region they serve, need an in-depth understanding of family law, and how decisions are made by the courts. Many mediators undergo significant training to ensure they can guide their clients through the process effectively, although they don’t actually need to be lawyers or attorneys themselves.

Experience in the legal landscape, however, can be extremely beneficial for a divorce mediator and the couples they work with. My decades of experience as a New York attorney means I can offer unique benefits and insights to my clients that other New York or Broome County mediators may not be able to provide.

I can offer behind-the-scenes insights into the court room processes that take place when agreements are made about complex topics, from equitable distribution, to parenting time. I can share examples of decisions made about cases, to help my clients understand which agreements are most likely to be deemed equitable and fair by the court judges. Often, I find this leads to a much more streamlined and effective mediation process.

Since I was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1999, I’ve had the opportunity to work on countless cases, in various court room settings, giving me experience that other divorce mediators may not have. Notably, I’ve also honed my focus on the landscape of matrimonial and family law over the years, launching my own family law and mediation practice, after working with the Suffolk County Assigned Panel on court assigned cases early in my career. I’ve learned how to use various mediation tactics in different environments to deliver the best outcomes for my clients, regardless of their situation.

The Virtual Mediation Process for Broome County Residents

Since I began offering mediation alongside my services as a family law attorney, I’ve always endeavored to adapt my strategy to the needs of each individual couple. In every case, my focus is on offering a fair, objective, and comfortable experience, tailored to your needs.

If you choose to work with me as your virtual mediator, we’ll work together to choose times for mediation sessions that suit you, and your partner. In each session, I’ll use my experience as an attorney, and my knowledge of effective mediation techniques to help facilitate effective negotiations and discussions. In many cases, I’ll use a lot of strategies designed to improve conversations.

For instance, I find interest-based negotiation strategies are excellent at driving couples towards mutually acceptable outcomes, where they can both highlight their priorities and concerns. When conversions struggle to progress, facilitative mediation strategies, like open-ended questions, can help to uncover challenges and roadblocks to effective agreements.

Additionally, my experience as a divorce litigator and family lawyer often comes in handy throughout these sessions, allowing me to offer “evaluative mediation” insights. This essentially means I can advise clients on how their agreements and requests are likely to be viewed by the courts. This usually prevents clients from making decisions that will be later rejected by judges.

Simple Divorce Mediation in Broome County

As an experienced family attorney, I know there are often cases in which mediation can’t offer an effective resolution. Some situations require a traditional litigative process, where I act as an attorney, or source of support for a single client. However, I have seen plenty of examples of how successful mediation can be in the right circumstances, too.

For many of my clients, mediation offers an effective way to reduce some of the stress involved in the divorce process, and improve their chances of amicable agreements with their ex-partners. Now that I can offer clients a convenient, and cost-effective source of mediation support, through video conferencing and virtual mediation services, I can bring the benefits of this practice to more couples.

I can now offer Broome County residents the guidance and support they need, without asking them to make long trips to my office in Jericho County. If you believe mediation might be the right option for you, and want to learn more about my virtual mediation services, you can contact my team through this website’s contact form, or over the phone on (516) 333-6555.

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