Obtaining an “Uncontested” Divorce with a New York Divorce Mediator

Not all divorces are messy. In some situations, both parties to a marriage agree that they have grown apart and that it is for the best for everyone involved that they Mediationpicusingnow-300x209go their separate ways. It may even be the case that the parties have discussed and resolved many of the issues that must be decided in a New York divorce proceeding, and have no interest in engaging in what is often a lengthy and costly legal proceeding. For these couples, New York divorce mediation may be a good alternative.

In a typical New York divorce proceeding, each party is represented by an attorney who is looking out solely for the best interests of their client. And when the atmosphere is highly contentious, this may be the only option. However, in situations where the parties can work together on some level, a divorce mediator can help the couple work through all of the issues that must be decided in hopes of coming to a mutually acceptable solution. Divorce mediation is very often much faster and less expensive than a traditional divorce.

Occasionally, a couple believes that a divorce should be uncontested, but the mediation process uncovers unanticipated issues or emotions leading to a less productive negotiating environment. Thus, a New York divorce is not truly “uncontested” until there is a binding settlement agreement that has been signed by both parties. Due to the non-binding nature of New York divorce mediation, couples who try divorce mediation and cannot come up with a mutually acceptable agreement can abandon the process and file for divorce in the traditional manner.  Statistically, I can report that the vast majority of the couples that mediate with me resolve their issues and come to an agreement on all the required matters.

How Can a New York Divorce Mediator Help?

New York divorce mediation provides a flexible approach to the separation process, allowing a couple to cater an agreement to their specific needs. The mediator’s role in the process is to listen to both parties, advise the parties how a court may rule on certain issues, and draft a divorce agreement that the parties can present to the court. Most New York divorce mediators are experienced divorce attorneys, and possess sophisticated knowledge of New York divorce law. Additionally, because mediators work closely with both sides, an experienced New York divorce mediator can come up with outside-the-box ideas that may help a couple come to an agreement. A mediator’s ability to create a mutually beneficial compromise is especially important when unanticipated issues arise.

Are You Interested in New York Divorce Mediation?

If you and your spouse are considering an uncontested New York divorce, consider discussing your situation with me, divorce mediator Attorney Darren M. Shapiro. At the Law and Mediation Office of Darren M. Shapiro, we handle both traditional divorce cases as well as act as New York divorce mediators for couples interested in a more collaborative approach. I am a divorce lawyer and divorce mediator with extensive experience assisting clients through all types of complex issues surrounding the dissolution of a marriage. To learn more, call 516-333-6555 to schedule a free initial consultation of up to a half hour, with your spouse for divorce mediation, today.

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