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Young-Couple-300x200Navigating Divorce Mediation: A Comprehensive Guide from a Nassau County Divorce Mediator

Divorce is often synonymous with emotional turmoil and complexity. Whether it’s dividing assets, managing debts, or determining custody arrangements, the process can be overwhelming. But there’s an alternative way that can help to mitigate the stress, preserve relationships, and ensure a fair resolution – divorce mediation.

As an experienced Nassau County divorce mediator and litigator operating in Nassau County, and offering remote services via Zoom and e-filing for clients on Long Island, New York City, and throughout New York state, my mission is to make the divorce process as smooth and emotionally manageable as possible.

Why Consider Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a strategy that emphasizes dialogue, cooperation, and mutual understanding. Unlike litigation, which often spirals into an emotionally draining, adversarial battle, mediation offers a more serene environment. The key difference lies in the control it gives to the involved parties. In mediation, you are not surrendering your decisions to the court; instead, you are actively involved in shaping the outcomes.

This collaborative type method leads to resolutions that are often more satisfying for both parties. And it is not just about the immediate benefits. The constructive nature of divorce mediation facilitates healthier post-divorce relationships, an element of vital importance, especially when children are involved.

Moreover, mediation can be a more cost-effective solution. As an experienced litigator, I can vouch for the high costs – both emotional and financial – associated with traditional divorce litigation. New York and Nassau County Divorce mediation, in contrast, typically takes less time and incurs fewer expenses.

Understanding the Mediation Process

At the onset of the divorce mediation process, we invite both parties for a free initial consultation. This meeting is about outlining the process, answering general questions, and gauging whether I am the suitable mediator for the couple.

Despite being a divorce lawyer, in mediation, I do not act as an attorney for either side. My role is that of a neutral third party whose job is to facilitate open dialogue and help the couple reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. While each party has the option to consult a review attorney, it’s not mandatory. A review attorney explains the law, your rights, and offers personalized advice. They can act as an invaluable resource during and after the mediation sessions.

Mediation sessions, which can be in my conference room in Jericho, Nassau County, New York, or virtually, wherever people are located, by Zoom, are charged on a pro-rata basis at my hourly rate, no retainer is required. Upon reaching a consensus on all required issues, I transition into the role of a drafting attorney, where I prepare a comprehensive separation agreement. The cost for this service is based on a flat rate, determined by the complexity of each specific case.

Deciphering the Key Aspects of Divorce Mediation

The mediation sessions revolve around critical aspects of the divorce process:

Grounds for Divorce: The reason for divorce, typically, mediating couples utilize the “no-fault” divorce grounds.

Child Custody and Parenting Time: For couples with children under 18, we need to establish custody arrangements and parenting time.

Child Support and Maintenance (Alimony): A crucial aspect that covers the financial obligations, including child support and maintenance payments.

Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets and Debts: The process includes addressing the division of marital assets and debts.

Each of these areas is extensive, often demanding in-depth discussions tailored to each couple’s unique circumstances.

The Role of Legal Separation in Divorce Mediation

Some couples might opt for legal separation before proceeding with an uncontested divorce. One common reason for this decision is to maintain the existing health insurance coverage. Once the agreement is signed, we can progress to filing an uncontested divorce.

Additional Services and Fees

Certain cases may necessitate a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) for the distribution of retirement accounts. If required, my office charges an additional flat rate to oversee the QDRO process. This involves obtaining the judge’s signature and liaising with a third-party company to draft the QDRO. Any third-party fees, like the drafting fee or court filing fees, are directly passed onto the clients.

Choosing Mediation: A Customized and Informed Approach

Mediation is a flexible process that can be adapted to accommodate each couple’s unique situation. Whether the couple has already agreed upon their outcomes or needs assistance untangling complex issues, my role is to facilitate discussions and propose viable solutions. Drawing from my extensive litigation experience, I can provide insights into how courts might handle specific situations and suggest various options when couples are unable to agree on certain issues.

It is essential for couples to feel comfortable with their chosen mediator and the mediation process. Therefore, after the initial consultation, couples are given private time to discuss their next steps. This decision-making process is entirely at the couple’s own pace, ensuring they feel ready and comfortable to begin mediation.


Divorce mediation is a conscious choice to pursue understanding, collaboration, and mutual respect during a challenging time. It is an empowering process that places control over the divorce outcomes in the hands of those most affected – the couple. With minimized costs and reduced emotional stress, mediation can be the optimal choice for many divorcing couples.

For more information on how divorce mediation can be a beneficial choice for you, reach out to schedule your free initial consultation. I’m here to guide you through this process, helping to bring clarity and resolution during a challenging time.

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