How are Divorce and Family Law cases done in Nassau County, New York?

Each County has some particular nuances that make practicing divorce and family law a little different in each venue.  Although most of the same laws are applicable throughout the state, besides differences in geography, each court, as well as each judge has their own rules and procedures.  As a New York City, Long Island and Nassau County Family Law Attorney, I have had the opportunity to see geographic differences in my practice.  Although I do cases all around the area, my highest volume at this time is in Nassau County.  The purpose of this blog entry is to provide information about divorce and family law practice in the Nassau County Supreme Court and Nassau County Family Court.
Separation proceedings, divorces and post judgment divorce proceedings are the types of cases that we mostly handle at the Nassau County Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court of Nassau County has an address of 100 Supreme Court Drive Mineola, New York 11501.  Matrimonial cases are usually assigned to a court room at the Nassau County Supreme Court Matrimonial Center, which is located at 400 County Seat Drive Mineola, New York 11501.  Divorce cases are initiated by purchasing the Index Number at the Nassau County Clerk’s office which is located at 240 Old Country Road Mineola, New York 11501.  All the legal documents on file for the Supreme Court cases become part of the records maintained at the Nassau County Clerk’s office.

At the Nassau County Matrimonial Center a case is assigned to a:   Justice of the Supreme Court; Judicial Hearing Officer; or a Special Referee.  There are mediation services to help aid in resolution of matters to minimize the litigated issues.  There is a Model Custody part at the Nassau County Matrimonial Center specifically designed for child custody and parenting time disputes.  I frequently find myself at the Nassau County Supreme Court, which is less than five miles from my office, whether it is to follow up or appear on one of my cases.
Family law cases are also handled at the Nassau County Family Court.  That address is 1200 Old Country Road Westbury, New York 11590.  Most family law issues regarding children and families can be heard in the Family Court except for annulment, separation or divorce cases which would belong at the Nassau County Supreme Court in Mineola. Family Court cases handled at the Nassau Family Court are:  child custody; parenting time (visitation); child support; paternity cases; order of protection cases against family members (family offense proceedings); adoption; guardianship cases; juvenile delinquency proceedings; spousal support; child abuse; child neglect; and termination of parental rights petitions.  My office is minutes away from the Nassau County Family Court in Westbury as we are less than three miles away.

Since my current highest volume of cases at the present time is in Nassau County courts, I am familiar with the procedures and rules of our locality as well as most of the courtrooms.  Since I have a great deal of Suffolk, Queens and experience all around the area as well, I am familiar with the differences that might exist from location to location.  Sometimes there is a choice of venue if the parties reside in different areas.  Whether to bring the case in the Supreme Court or Family Court often comes up since the Nassau County Supreme Court and the Nassau County Family Court usually have concurrent jurisdiction to deal with future matters involving child support, child custody and parenting time, and maintenance after a divorce.  Even when starting a divorce, the initiating party may file the case in a venue of their choice as long as they otherwise meet the New York residency requirements.  As long as there is not a contest regarding the proper venue any county in New York County can grant the divorce according to the current law contained in the Civil Practice Law and rules. Preferences over different counties for a divorce might be to choose a location that is better able to expedite the matter for example.
I began practicing law in 1999 and worked at three different Nassau County firms before starting my own practice where I have focused on divorce and family law issues since opening my doors in 2005.  I have had the opportunity to gain experience handling civil cases, misdemeanors and landlord/tenants matters in the Nassau County District Court in Hempstead, New York.  I also have had the opportunity to represent clients facing felony charges in the Nassau County Court in Mineola, New York.
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